Is Blu Electronic Cigarette The Best

So, is blu electronic cigarette the best. Well, if you are just starting out it is the best e-cig to try first. Blu cig is very affordable and has one of the best warranties which make it a good choice for someone trying there first electronic cigarette. Blu electronic cigarette offers you a nice starter kit. They will give you everything you need to get you into your first electronic cigarette experience. Let me warn you, once you try them you’ll be hooked.

Blucig will give you all the nicotine that you crave with no smoke making blu electronic cigarette truly a smokeless e cig. When you have your Blu Cig you can smoke it anywhere in the store, at the bar and in the house.  See, electronic cigs have no tobacco or smoke. Now that sounds good knowing that you can use it anywhere.

Blu Electronic Cigarette How Does It Work

So, how does blu electronic cigarette work? Well, it is made up of three parts the battery,atomizer and the inhaler ( cartridge ). First, when you inhale, the battery heats up the atomizer then nicotine juice from the cartridge flows onto the atomizer causing it to turn into vapor .Now, when you inhale this vapor it has the nicotine in it giving you the nicotine hit you want. The nice thing about a blu electronic cigarette is your getting no tar with your inhale and only has about 20 substances in it that are safe as compared to 4000 harmful carcinogens in a real cigarette.

So, you see that an electronic cig is a lot healthier for you. Your lungs will be clear again….No More Smokers Cough. That’s got to sound good and there is no second hand smoke because blu electronic cigarettes have no smoke just clean vapor. Now that’s going to be healthy for your loved ones.

There are thousands of electronic cigarettes being sold everyday which the tobacco industry doesn’t like. It’s taking their business away big time because electronic cig is about 75% CHEAPER then real cigarettes. Imagine the things you could do with that extra money once you get a blu electronic cigarette. You’ll never want to go back to real cigarettes.

Well Blu Electronic Cigarette Help Me to Stop Smoking

Yes, Blu Cigs will help you to stop smoking if you want to. You see with an electronic cigarette you get no harmful carcinogens no tar ,no smoke just clean nicotine that is not harmful. But, if you do want to quit, they have different level strengths of nicotine from 0 mg to 26 mg. From there you can ween yourself down to 0 mg and stop all together. I have friends and relatives who have quit and who have chosen to keep using an electronic cigarette. Either way, you are going to come out on top and be more healthy.

What Are The Benefits of Blu Electronic Cigarette

These are some of the benefits you get when you switch to an electronic cigarette. Millions of Americans are dieing every year from lung cancer. Do you think its time to switch over to a Blu electronic cigarette and get your life back for you and your loved ones? Choosing the healthy choice electronic cigs saves lives. Here is the site you can get Blu electronic cigarette also know as Blu Cigs.

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Blu Electronic Cigarette a Pick Up Device For Girls


What blu electronic cigarette as a pick for getting girls,let me tell you how it all started .A couple of weeks ago I was telling my friend steve all about the advantage of a smokeless cigarette I was going on and on about how there is no smoke just vapor and told Steve it would be great to use in most bars to smoke inside we live in a state were all the bars are smoke free. My friend Steve said are you sure I told him you,ll have to ask the bar owner first but most bar owners know all about electronic cigarettes now and are ok with it their is a few that don’t want to let you use a smokeless cigarette in there bar but very few. So I set my friend Steve up with a smokeless cigarette call Blu Cig when I got it I gave it to him and told him try it out and about even in restaurants

 About a month later I bumped into Steve and said how that blu electronic cigarette working out for you he told me just great in fact real great but I got to tell you something yes most bars let me smoke my smokeless cigarette in the bar but the biggest plus was it was a great way to pick up girls. Ok tell me all about it he told me that when ever he pull it out and started smoking it he would get some strange looks and girl would come up to him and ask all about it that little device broke the ice and let me meet a few girls here and there. Steve told me he called his blu electronic cigarette a pick up device I got a laugh out of that ans said he if that works for you that is very cool so I guess the blu electronic cigarette has many other advantages

Blu Electronic Cigarette


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Smokeless Cigarettes Get Marlboro Attention

Marlboro brand the worlds largest cigarette manufacturer is looking to get into the smokeless cigarette themselves it looks like tobacco sales have been in a decline for quit some time now. Altria that makes Marlboro wants to make up for lost sales by coming out with a electronic cigarette to help offset the down turn in tobacco sales. Altria reports sales in the U.S tumbled 5.2 percent in the first quarter this year and fear is that number will continue to raise with the popularity of the smokeless cigarette projected growth for the electronic cigarettes are 1 billion by years end.

Smokeless cigarettes will continue to grow some say they could triple in sales in 2014 as more smoker catch on to the new electronic cigarette thus making the tobacco company’s very unsure of their place in the market.

So if your a smoker and wounding just what smokeless cigarette is right for you will there is a very popular e- cig called Blu cig or Blu electronic cigarette they are a very good choice for starters into the smokeless cigarette market .

Blu cigs has a very good guarantee with there product witch is way they are very popular Blu electronic cigarette is one of the largest e-cig companys in the market today

In conclusion Marlboro and other leading tobacco companys want a peace of the pie but at what kind of price tag will they try be putting on a smokeless cigarette only time will tell.

Blu Electronic Cigarette




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No Cigarette Butts With a Smokeless Cigarette

Did you know that researcher have estimated about 1.8 billion pounds of cigarette butts get thrown away every year. So just where do all those butts wind up well some go in the trash others end up in a landfill. But guess what the biggest share of them wind up on the street curbs,parks our beaches now that’s really polluting America


. Think of the millions of america that toss them smash them with there shoe and what is even worse is they don’t break down very good they can last 5 to 30 years .Something has to be done this is just way to discussing and making our country look like a garbage can. So what can we do let me tell you what we can do its called smokeless cigarette that’s right also known as a electronic cigarette how can that help?


Let me tell you with a smokeless cigarette there is no butts to throw away you keep using your smokeless cigarette over and over no flame no smoke no ash and no BUTT! So if we could get just 25 % of the smoker to switch to a electronic cigarette that would make a huge dent in the polluting cigarette butts not only that but they would be a whole lot healthier. So any smokeless cigarette or what? I remand one called blu electronic cigarette they are a good starter electronic cigarette that not going to break the bank and they have a very good guarantee here is a link for the Blu cig …………….

Blu Electronic Cigarette
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Blucig Comes in 5 Different Flavors

Blucig comes in 5 different flavor cartridges. These flavors make vaporing much more enjoyable. With every puff you get a flavor you couldn’t get with real cigarettes..These flavors are as follows:

  • Cherry Crush ……Each puff will give you a cherry explosion that will spark your senses
  • Magnificent Menthol…….Every puff leaves you with a fresh , clean taste that only comes with blucigand Magnificent Menthol.
  • Java Jolt ……….For that bold unforgettable coffee bean taste. It’s 100% flavor in which even the most avid coffee drinker can indulge.
  • Classic Tobacco ……..a rich full flavored tobacco cigarette,. Try Classic and indulge yourself in tobacco country without any smokey smell or taste .

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Blu Electronic Cigarette Battery Life

The battery life is pretty average (1-2 hours heavy vaping). But, with the Blu cig kit you get a hard case pack that looks like a pack of cigarettes.The case is your charger. You charge your case up ahead of time and you can charge your blu electronic cigarette 4 to 5 times before you need to recharge your case again .Each case can hold 5 cartridges and 1 battery. One battery is being charged while you use your other battery on your electronic cig .When your battery does die down you pop the other battery on and your good to go. The batteries only take 15 to 30 min. to charge back up. Blu cig case is a very cool looking case that has indicator lights to let you know how much charge is left in the pack.

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