Is Blu Electronic Cigarette The Best

So, is blu electronic cigarette the best. Well, if you are just starting out it is the best e-cig to try first. Blu cig is very affordable and has one of the best warranties which make it a good choice for someone trying there first electronic cigarette. Blu electronic cigarette offers you a nice starter kit. They will give you everything you need to get you into your first electronic cigarette experience. Let me warn you, once you try them you’ll be hooked.

Blucig will give you all the nicotine that you crave with no smoke making blu electronic cigarette truly a smokeless e cig. When you have your Blu Cig you can smoke it anywhere in the store, at the bar and in the house.  See, electronic cigs have no tobacco or smoke. Now that sounds good knowing that you can use it anywhere.

Blu Electronic Cigarette How Does It Work

So, how does blu electronic cigarette work? Well, it is made up of three parts the battery,atomizer and the inhaler ( cartridge ). First, when you inhale, the battery heats up the atomizer then nicotine juice from the cartridge flows onto the atomizer causing it to turn into vapor .Now, when you inhale this vapor it has the nicotine in it giving you the nicotine hit you want. The nice thing about a blu electronic cigarette is your getting no tar with your inhale and only has about 20 substances in it that are safe as compared to 4000 harmful carcinogens in a real cigarette.

So, you see that an electronic cig is a lot healthier for you. Your lungs will be clear again….No More Smokers Cough. That’s got to sound good and there is no second hand smoke because blu electronic cigarettes have no smoke just clean vapor. Now that’s going to be healthy for your loved ones.

There are thousands of electronic cigarettes being sold everyday which the tobacco industry doesn’t like. It’s taking their business away big time because electronic cig is about 75% CHEAPER then real cigarettes. Imagine the things you could do with that extra money once you get a blu electronic cigarette. You’ll never want to go back to real cigarettes.

Well Blu Electronic Cigarette Help Me to Stop Smoking

Yes, Blu Cigs will help you to stop smoking if you want to. You see with an electronic cigarette you get no harmful carcinogens no tar ,no smoke just clean nicotine that is not harmful. But, if you do want to quit, they have different level strengths of nicotine from 0 mg to 26 mg. From there you can ween yourself down to 0 mg and stop all together. I have friends and relatives who have quit and who have chosen to keep using an electronic cigarette. Either way, you are going to come out on top and be more healthy.

What Are The Benefits of Blu Electronic Cigarette

These are some of the benefits you get when you switch to an electronic cigarette. Millions of Americans are dieing every year from lung cancer. Do you think its time to switch over to a Blu electronic cigarette and get your life back for you and your loved ones? Choosing the healthy choice electronic cigs saves lives. Here is the site you can get Blu electronic cigarette also know as Blu Cigs.

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